Covering Up Her Cheating

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Modern-Day Sins
A sexually unsatisfied wife, Christy Love, has decided to do the unthinkable and invite a lover, Codey Steele, over for an extra-marital affair. But with her husband coming and going from the house, she tries to be discreet since she doesn't want to be caught. To her shock, Codey's sexual prowess is so good that it makes her squirt for the first time. Now that she's experienced something that her husband's never been able to make her do, she no longer cares about covering up the affair or salvaging her marriage. Now it's anything goes as she takes as much pleasure as she can, not even caring when her husband actually catches them in the act! But Christy's husband can see by Christy's blissed out expression that he's already lost her for good and has no one to blame but himself. That's when he woefully takes his leave, letting Christy and Codey finish what they started.
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