Sore About Her Test Score

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Mommy's Girl
Reagan Foxx is preparing dinner when her stepdaughter, Leana Lovings, returns home from school. To Reagan's surprise, Leana offers to help with meal prep- something Leana usually NEVER offers to do. As they chop veggies together in the kitchen, however, Reagan grows even more perturbed when she notices that Leana's being MUCH nicer to her than usual... Reagan confronts her stepdaughter, saying that she can tell that she's tiptoeing around something. Leana knows she can't get anything past her stepmom, so she admits that she's got some bad news to share with Reagan. She got her latest test score back today and, unfortunately... she FAILED. Reagan isn't all too pleased, to say the least, and rolls up her sleeves to give Leana some due discipline. Leana knows exactly what happens when someone misbehaves in this household- they get spanked! Reagan rolls down Leana's shorts and gives her a good spanking, but soon finds herself growing more and more aroused by the sight and feel of Leana's plump cheeks. Before long, Reagan decides that to make sure Leana's learned her lesson... she'll have to go the extra mile and REALLY teach her a lesson... with some energetic, sensual sex!
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