Duck, Duck, Spooge!

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Maddy May
Maddy attempts to steal a vast amount of jewelry in a stuffed duck. Loss prevention officer Ryan brings the babe to the back office, knowing full well she is guilty. When Ryan leaves the office to check the security, Maddy stuffs all of the jewelry in various places around the office. Ryan comes back and explains he saw everything on camera. If she wants to avoid consequences, Maddy will need to do whatever Ryan tells her. This horny babe is ready to go all out, though. She slyly walks over to the officer and puts her breasts in his face. Her pierced nipples are irresistible up close, and she knows if she plays her cards right, she’ll walk away scot-free. Ryan eats her out on the desk before she gets down on her knees to suck his cock. Ryan then fucks the naughty chick on the desk, putting her in whatever positions he pleases. Before she’s allowed to leave, Ryan busts a fat load all over her face and chest.
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