The Perfect Warmup

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Nubiles Porn
Eliza Ibarra made the executive call to cancel volleyball practice for her team because of the rain. Unfortunately for her, Coach Bruce Venture is pissed because the team has Nationals coming up. Eliza defends herself but eventually caves in and agrees to go over some plays. That's pretty boring, so Eliza tries to come up with a way to exercise that doesn't involve going outside. Coach Venture tries to resist Eliza's comeons at first, but he's only a man and she's a determined nubile coed. When she pulls his dick out of his pants, she finds it already nice and hard. Next thing Bruce realizes, Eliza is on her knees sucking him off and stroking the root. Seeing what a nice dick Coach has, Eliza wants it inside her for a more athletic workout than just delivering a blowjob. Bruce can't say no once he's felt those sweet lips sucking him down. He bends Eliza over his desk and slams home into that creamy cooch. Turning Eliza over, Coach licks the evidence of their fucking from Eliza's pussy before shoving back inside. Eliza continues her makeshift cardio by riding Bruce in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Finally feeling that she's burned enough calories, Eliza resumes sucking Coach Venture off until he finishes with a cumshot she swallows.
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