A Seed Of Something Greater

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Alexis Tae Lumi Ray
Squirting Lesbian
Alexis Tae is relaxing at home when she gets a surprise visit from Lumi Ray, who says she has good news to share. Alexis excitedly invites her inside. As they chat, it's revealed that Alexis is the town historian and Lumi is an environmentalist, and they've been working together to save an old tree. Lumi's news is that they've successfully delayed the town council's plans to cut the tree down! AND she's brought a gift to celebrate: a tree sapling that they can plant together. Alexis is touched as they move to the garden. As Alexis and Lumi plant the tree sapling in a bright, beautiful garden, it's clear they've grown fond of each other while spending time fighting for a common cause. Various instances of physical closeness cause sparks to fly, such as when Alexis wipes dirt off Lumi's face and Lumi pulls Alexis' shirt close to avoid a nip-slip. All of the tenderness between them shows, and when they're done planting the sapling, Alexis invites Lumi back inside to REALLY celebrate their victory!
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